TradeTracker Coupon API

TradeTracker is a global affiliate marketing network that connects advertisers and publishers to increase their online revenue and operates in many industries, such as shopping, finance, services, telecom, and travel. It is one of the leading affiliate networks in Europe, operating in 19 countries and offering over 5,000 campaigns for various industries.

Finding Network API keys of Tradetracker -

How to fetch coupons from TradeTracker using API -

  • Insert the API keys on the “Network Keys” page by following the above steps.
  • Add the stores from our “Select Store” page that are approved for you on the Affiliate network.
  • Download an incremental file from the dashboard to see available coupons and upload the file in your CouponAPI plugin or you can also enable the “auto-pilot” and all the coupons will be automatically updated on your website every hour.
  • You can also integrate your website or app using our REST API


(To automatically add stores that are approved for you on TradeTracker affiliate network, you can use the auto-enable feature. With our auto-enable feature, all your approved campaigns will be automatically added to your account. Please note that this feature is only available in our premium plan)

Conclusion -

By using, you do not need to link each network’s API manually, which can be time-consuming and error-prone. That is why CouponAPI simplifies the process of integrating coupons and deals from various affiliate networks with a single API.



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