Affiliate URL doesn’t Redirect to Final Store uses affiliate URLs as it comes in affiliate network’s API response and simply replace the affiliate IDs in it with yours. So there is no extra third party redirection involved in your affiliate link & the system works in a similar fashion as you would manually copy & paste affiliate URLs in coupons without our service.

So the URLs should redirect to final store page unless there is an error on affiliate network’s part.

However assuming there is no error, one of the main reasons for affiliate URLs not redirecting is the campaign ‘approval status’. Most networks, require you to ‘Apply’ / ‘Join’ the affiliate program and may take several hours to review and approve them. Some example screens which may be seen in case the campaign isn’t approved for your affiliate ID are as below:

So you are required to apply and get your program/campaign approved before enabling the same from our panel.


Lastly, there may be a case wherein the affiliate campaign has paused but its coupons have not been removed yet from network’s side. To avoid such cases, kindly remove stores with inactive affiliate program from your feed by making such stores ‘off’ in panel.

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