How to give custom Title and Description to coupons?

Giving custom titles and descriptions to the coupons becomes very important if you want to match the content on your website with the tone of your website. With CouponAPI premium plan, you can easily do this.

(Note: To get the coupon feeds you should have subscribed to at least a few stores with active coupons in it.)

  1. Login to your CouponAPI dashboard - Coupon API Login
  2. Go to “My Coupons”, here you will find all the coupons which are part of your feed based on your account settings. You will find all the coupons listed one below the other.
  3. You can edit the title and description by clicking on the “(Edit)” text highlighted in blue.
  4. Now, you can change the title and description as per your liking. Once you are done giving the custom title and description, Click on “Save” to save the settings


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