Select sources for individual stores

At, we have multiple sources (affiliate networks) for pulling the latest coupons and deals to make sure you do not miss out any offer. However, at times you might feel the need to disable offers from certain affiliate networks, especially when:

  • You aren’t approved for store’s affiliate program on some of the affiliate networks from where sources coupons and deals.
  • Your feed has duplication of deals due to same deals being sourced from different affiliate networks.
  • When writing style of a certain affiliate network doesn’t suite your website.
  • When you believe content from a particular affiliate network for a particular store is not reliable.

With the Premium plan, you can choose to get feeds from a selected few affiliate networks for each store. Here is how it works.

We have 37+ active affiliate networks integrated on our platform. Most probably you would also be working with a few of them. It is likely that you will be approved for a store program on 2 or 3 these affiliate networks as well. So, you can choose from which affiliate network you want to source the coupons from. All you need to do is login to your CouponAPI account > select stores page

As soon as you subscribe to a store, you will get an edit button to select the sources from where you want to pull coupons for that store.

Now for example, let’s say you are approved for Walmart campaigns on Awin and CJ. You can simply select these two sources and you will receive the coupon

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