Auto enable stores

With CouponAPI premium subscription, you can auto enable the stores for which you are approved on Affiliate networks (Please note that this feature is currently only available for Admitad and CJ. We are working on making other networks available soon)

note: this is only applicable to Affiliate Networks such as Admitad, CJ etc. and not individual store affiliate programs such as Amazon Associates

You no longer have to manually enable hundreds of stores in your CouponAPI account. Just get approved for the store campaigns on your affiliate network and all those stores will be enabled automatically in your CouponAPI account.

Here is how you can enable this feature in your CouponAPI account

1. Login to your CouponAPI account and then go to sources

2. Just toggle on the auto-enable stores option from here as shown in the screenshot below

That’s it. Now all the stores that are approved on the said affiliate network, will automatically be enabled in your CouponAPI account and you will start receiving Coupon feeds for it.


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