Webepartners Coupon API

Webepartners is an affiliate network that connects advertisers and publishers. It has over 500 advertisers and 15000 publishers in its network. Webepartners offers a variety of tools and features to help you with your affiliate marketing, such as an affiliate link generator, a file manager, a downloader and more. Publishers can also track their traffic and commissions through the webepartners platform.

Find your access key for webepartners

  1. Login to your webepartners account
  2. Go to Advance> API access keys (Please refer to the screenshot attached)

  3. If your API access key is not created, you can create it by clicking on "Create a new API access key" (Please refer to the screenshot below)

  4. Copy the API details and enter the keys on the Network Keys page.


Find email_id for webepartners

In the "email_id" section, please enter your email address, which you used at the time of registering on the affiliate network.

How to fetch coupons from Webepartners using API -

To get coupons from webepartners affiliate network, you have to enter your API keys in your CouponAPI account from here. Now, go to the Select store page, enable the stores that are approved for you on the webepartners affiliate network. After insertion of API keys and adding the stores, we need atleast 24 hours to collect coupons for your approved campaigns.


Conclusion -

With CouponAPI.org you can get coupons from affiliate network without the need of linking each networks API manually. Just give us your API keys and we will fetch all the coupons for your approved campaigns from webepartner affiliate network.

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