What is coupon custom template?

With CouponAPI coupon custom template you can change or re-arrange the arrangement of the coupon fields placeholders as per your preference, while importing the coupons to your website.

The placeholders that are available to you are:

  1. {{description}}

  2. {{link}}

  3. {{label}}

  4. {{store}}

  5. {{code}}

  6. {{start_date}}

  7. {{expiry}}

  8. {{image}}

  9. {{image_url}}

These placeholders allow you to include details such as the coupon's description, affiliate link, label, store name, coupon code (if applicable), start date, end date, image, and image link respectively. You may effortlessly manage the coupon information as per your requirements by arranging these variables accordingly.

In addition to these variables, you can also use the HTML “visual editor” to modify the coupon design according to your needs.

Once you have made the changes, to see the changes on your website, you need to click on “Resync offers with CouponAPI DB” in the CouponAPI plugin > settings.

See screenshot for your reference

For more information, watch our video from here: https://youtu.be/UTkXpsGEArY

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