Default Method to get Affiliate IDs

Ideal way to know your affiliate ID is to visit profile section of the affiliate program wherein you are registered. However if your Affiliate ID isn’t clear there, in most cases you will find the ID mentioned in default/base affiliate URLs or when you generate a link using affiliate program’s/network’s link generator tool.

Affiliate ID is mentioned after certain fixed parameter in URL and ends with the end of URL or with an ‘&’ i.e. the start of another parameter. This is in all regular cases; note that there may be exceptions as stated in this section of our documentation.

Below are the parameters for each affiliate network after which you will have your affiliate ID until next parameter begins or URL ends:

  • For Clickonic & Icubeswire: ‘aff_id=’
  • For Optimise: ‘AID=’
  • For Cuelinks: ‘pub_id=’ or visit your Cuelinks profile section and look for publisher ID
  • For ShareASale: ‘u=’
  • For Flipkart: ‘affid=’
  • For Rakuten / Linkshare : ‘id=’
  • For Tradedoubler: ‘a=’
  • For Viglink: ‘key=’
  • For Webgains: ‘wgcampaignid=’
  • For PaidOnResults: First number after ‘’
  • For AdRecord: 'c='
  • For Awin: 'awinaffid='
  • For TradeTracker, Affoy & Opicle: 'a='
  • For Amazon: 'tag='
  • For ConversionX: 'pub_id='
  • For INRDeals: 'id='
  • For Flexoffers: 'trid='
  • For BrandReward: 'key='
  • For Adtraction: 'as='
  • For AffiliatePort: "a="

Exceptions to URL based method:

DGM: Simply copy your Dg-Affiliate-Id mentioned in 'Coupons' section of dgmPerform dashboard.

Impact: Use your Account ID (numerical) mentioned after clicking on your name in top bar.

Groupon: Use Affiliate ID. Login > My Account > Account Profile > Affiliate Id

Involveasia: Log in to your InvolveAsia account > Manage your account > Tracking link ID

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