Sources API

Use this API to get all sources for coupons in CouponAPI database. You may build a script in PHP, Python, Java or NodeJS to fetch list of all sources.

NOTE: This API is not available in Basic Plan.

API Endpoint


Sample Request[YOUR_API_KEY]

Request Parameters

  • API_KEY (required) (string)

Success Response:

  • result: (boolean) true
  • sources (array)
    • name: (string) Unique name of source
    • type: (string) This is "network" or "store", since CouponAPI sources all coupons from these two only.
    • location: (string) ISO-3166 country code in which this source operates. NULL in case the source operates globally.

Error Response:

  • result: (boolean) false
  • error: (string) Reason for failure