API Development: Introduction

This document will help you develop your custom script to import Coupons & Deals from CouponAPI database to your Website/App's database.

You can use any back-end programming language like PHP, Python, NodeJS or Java for development. The idea is to implement a script to sync your database with that of CouponAPI. You can then show coupons from your database on your front-end website/app.

We provide 2 types of APIs:

  • Incremental Feed API
  • Full Feed API

Incremental Feed API (recommended)

This API returns all changes in our database since your last API call. The status of each offer in this APIs response can be either “new”, “updated” or “suspended”. You then need to update you database accordingly.

Since this API only returns the incremental values, this does not cause much load on the server. Also, the development effort required to implement this flowchart is fairly minimal.

Read More: Incremental Feed - Flowchart & API Documentation

Full Feed API

This API can be used to get a complete file of all your subscribed offers.

In most cases, this API is not required. If you wish to drop all offers from your database and resync with CouponAPI database, then you can simply download the full feed CSV or JSON file from your CouponAPI Account and do this manually one time. However, if you have a scenario where these efforts seem justified then feel free to use this API and flowchart. This API is slightly complicated and requires significant development efforts.

To start this process, you must call the Full Feed API and pass a "callback" URL to the API along with other details. Upon receiving this request, CouponAPI will start generating your Full Feed file. Once the file is ready, CouponAPI will call the "callback" URL and give the file name. You can then access this file and process it on your server.

Read More: Full Feed - Flowchart & API Documentation.


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