What is Generic theme

By Generic theme, we are referring to any theme that is not listed among our supported themes. As far as CouponAPI is concerned, it could either be a coupon theme or a non coupon theme.
Having said that, if you are using a coupon theme that is not yet listed in our supported theme listing then you can reach out to us at [email protected]. If feasible we will integrate your theme with us soon.

The major difference between a coupon theme and a non-coupon(i.e.- generic) theme is that, the prior has a custom coupon post type and specialized features and design elements tailored for showcasing and promoting coupons, deals, and discounts. On the other hand, latter has default WordPress posts for coupon listing.

Here are some key distinctions:

Coupon Fields and Information: A coupon theme typically includes specific fields for essential coupon information, such as the coupon code, expiration date, discount percentage or amount, and terms and conditions. These fields may not be present or emphasized in a standard post layout of a general WordPress theme.

Coupon Listings and Grids: Coupon themes often have built-in templates and layouts optimized for displaying coupons in a grid or list format. These layouts are designed to make it easy for visitors to browse and compare different deals. In contrast, a regular post layout may not have this level of optimization for coupon presentation.

Call-to-Action Buttons: Coupon themes usually include prominent call-to-action buttons or links that encourage users to click and reveal the coupon code or go to the associated store. Regular post layouts may not prioritize such explicit calls to action.

Deal Expiry or Countdowns: Coupon themes may incorporate features like deal expiry countdowns, indicating the time left for a particular offer to expire. This dynamic element is specific to coupon themes and is not a standard feature in most general post layouts.

Basically, the WordPress coupon theme is specifically crafted to enhance the user experience when it comes to discovering, exploring, and redeeming online coupons and deals. It incorporates specialized elements and functionalities that go beyond the typical post layout found in general WordPress themes.