Finding AliExpress Link ID

AliExpress affiliate portal creates a unique ID for each generated affiliate link. This ID is purely random and is not possible to create on a fly for each user for every affiliate URL. For this reason, we do not allow deeplinking of AliExpress’ URLs and user’s are expected to follow below steps to generate homepage link ID:

  1. Log in to AliExpress’ Affiliate Portal (
  2. Under ‘Promo Tools’ go to ‘Link Generator’.
  3. Under ‘Page’s URL’ enter the default URL you want your users to go to (like
  4. Select the ‘Tracking ID’ as per your requirement and press the ‘Get Tracking Link’ button.
  5. Note the tracking URL just generated. It will be something like
  6. Copy the numbers after ‘’ and use it in So in above case, my AliExpress Link ID will be ‘e/_ATOzLi‘.