How to Configure your CouponAPI account

The easiest way would be just to follow the installation wizard that runs on your first login. You can also run the wizard whenever you like afterwards. If you do not want to do that, then read along.

Below is the step-by-step process to correctly configure your account.

  1. Enter your affiliate IDs: Once you receive your login details, the first thing you must do is – enter your affiliate IDs in our panel. These Affiliate IDs will be used to monetize the offers you receive from us. You can also set a “Default Affiliate Network” here to monetize the offers from networks where you don’t have an account.
    We recommend reading our document on ‘Finding your Affiliate IDs‘ at this step.
  2. Add Stores to your subscription: Next, you have to ‘Select’ / ‘Tick’ the stores you need offer feeds for. As there may be thousands of active merchants at any point, we recommend using the Location Filter & search field on the page. If you add custom names for stores, then these names will be used in your offer feed instead of the domain names. Please note that you can only add 100 stores in 7 days. So, if you want to add 200 stores in total, you will have to add the first 100 in the first 7 days and then the remaining 100 in the next 7 days. Make sure you prioritize your stores in the order of importance. 
  3. Map Category names: Each affiliate network has its own category list and this step allows you to map these category names with those on your website. Note that categories without a custom name will NOT be added to the category column of your feed. Hence we recommend you to keep visiting this page to regularly check for new categories.
  4. Download FeedsGo to dashboard and download your feed in CSV or JSON format.
    • ‘Full Feed’ will give you list of all active offers at the time of download.
    • ‘Incremental Feeds’ will give you only the new, updated and suspended offers from your last time of extract or from the date and time you enter at the time of download.
    • Enable ‘Download off-record’ if you do not want to update your last extract time for current feed download. This is highly recommended when you are using our WordPress plugin or when you are calling Incremental Feeds through our API.

If you want to integrate your website using WordPress plugin or using our APIs, then please read further documents mentioned below.

Tip: You may set your Location Filter at the top to limit the views like stores, affiliate networks, etc. to your country. You may change this filter anytime by selecting any other country or setting it to ‘All Locations’.