No Offers in Feed

Following are the possible reasons for this:

  Reason Solution
1 You may have not entered any Affiliate ID yet Enter at least one Affiliate ID to fetch feeds from that particular program (click here)
2 You may have not enabled any merchant ‘On’ a few stores (click here)
3 There may not be any offer for your selected merchants Select stores which has offers in Affiliate Network. If you believe there are offers for that store in the affiliate network you have entered ID for, then please contact us immediately.
4 You are calling incremental feeds and there may not be any offer update since your last extract time. Wait for few more hours and check back again. Or you may download full feed to see if there are any offers there. If there are no offers in full feed too, then the reason may be any other apart from this.

This issue is very common with WordPress plugin as the plugin calls incremental feeds every 1 hour. And it is highly likely that there are no updates in a certain hour.
5 You are using our WordPress plugin or are calling incremental feeds using cronjob; and you download feeds without selecting ‘Download off Record’ or without passing ‘off_record=1’ in a separate API call. When you downloaded feed on-record, our system updated your last extract time while pulling all the latest offers. Hence your regular cronjob may not fetch any offers.

If you are using WordPress plugin, simplest way to resolve this is by clicking on the ‘resync’ button in Plugin.

And if you are calling feeds using incremental feeds, simply drop all offers and call first API thereafter with a pre-2013 date such as ‘last_extract=1262307600’. From second call onwards, do not pass ‘last_extract parameter. This will resync your website.