How to have brand logos on your website’s premium plan comes with a pre-approved account of, this means that you can now have store’s logos associated with your coupons. So, you need not worry about coupons without an image on your website.

There are two ways that you can configure Brand logos for your coupon feed

Using WordPress Plugin 

If you have a WordPress website with our supported theme and you are using CouponAPI Plugin, you need to follow the below steps

  1. In your WordPress plugin, go to CouponAPI > Brandlogos settings
  2. Insert your Brandlogos API key (you will find it in your CouponAPI account > profile settings). Brandlogos API key will be auto-filled correctly if you have an active account.
  3. Use logos from brand logos:
    1. On: All your coupons will contain brand logos (even if offer has a dedicated image in the feed)
    2. Off: None of your coupons be fed with brand logos from our end.
    3. For offers without images: Only those coupons that do not have any image associated with them, will have brand logos.
  4. Select the type of logo that you need (Horizontal or square)
  5. Click Save

For websites not using our WordPress plugin.

If you are using CouponAPI by directly integrating with your database using our API or CSV download, then you need to follow the below steps. (Please note that by default you will be receiving the link in your feeds, but those will not open on your website unless the below steps are followed)

  1. Drop a mail to [email protected] stating that you want ‘a script to enable brandlogos on your website’. Make sure to mention your website URL too
  2. We will send you a script that you need to add to your website as per our instructions
  3. Once that is done, you are all set and all URLs will start working for your website